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New hiring trends in IT industry

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

Redefined job profiles are demanding professionals with multi-disciplinary skills who believe in outcome with the scale of growth and automation in organisations.

New Delhi: Each change is a step towards transformation. Ever since the pandemic interrupted our lives, the shift to remote working has not just altered the place where we work from but also its criteria for execution and manner of implementation.

The radical change is also driven by the transition in the client’s expectations as per modified customer expectations. Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President, Judge India explains the new hiring trends in IT industry:

Driven to learn and perform

Redefined job profiles are demanding professionals with multi-disciplinary skills who believe in outcome with the scale of growth and automation in organisations. It is a golden time for leaders to push their boundaries, and for newbies to acquire more than usual responsibility. As we move forward in a culture where applications are developed for even the smallest need of the tech-savvy users, the industry is open to innovators who have a keen eye for untapped delivery areas and can utilise limited resources available judiciously.

Eligibility criteria to be revised by HR professionals

This shift in the outlook of industries makes the role of hiring panel more crucial as they would have to widen their horizon between traditional and newly created class of professionals. A balance has to be derived at, for ensuring stability and long-term growth of the organisation. The IT sector has been one of the largest employers globally and, with data becoming the new capital to invest in, Data analysts, consultants, app developers and software managers are going to be playing an inevitable role right from the inception of any business. Owing to this emerging need in the market, IT has been one of the few sectors to bounce back with hiring activities, reaching 60 percent of its pre-COVID levels.

The influx of investments coming in for automation and BFSI sector are bringing acceleration to IT job profiles in India. With impressive track records and large enterprise accounts, the Indian IT firms are outstanding their performance with each project they undertake from their global peers. With the upscale in IT sector, non-IT sectors are also likely to get triggered positively once a strategic plan is into action.

Shift of jobs from urban to smaller towns

Reshaping of industry standards is also likely to lead decentralisation of jobs from urban clusters to smaller towns. The changes introduced by hiring professionals will not be limited to the preliminary phase but throughout the course of operations. Seminars, workshops, research and development, would be of the nature which are flexible and accessible by all with scope to accelerate diversified capabilities in all the participants.

IT professionals could be the new skill developers

Apart from this, tools needed for addressing the digital gap in countries like India, it opens a segment for IT professionals who are open to the idea of training and leading by example. These unprecedented times have proven to be the right reinforcement for developing clusters of individuals, who are not just good at performing cross-industry and within their areas of expertise but can go way and beyond. The role of these multi-taskers would revolve around mentoring a circle of ambitious aspirants that are readily available as alternates and multi-level partners to alleviate the organisation’s products and services further. The IT sector in these reforming times when channelised rightly can become the backbone of our developing nation.

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