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Purpose and Presentation

Custom digital designs accent the learner-centric approach and afford various modules, tools, and objectives to boost productivity. It helps universities, corporations, and other organizations develop engaging courseware to meet the needs of digital learners.

Judge India offers greater autonomy and versatility to users. Through this, we improve the quality of learning and retention. Judge India provides tailor-made learning experiences, personalized to complement the proficiency and interests of the users through various mediums.

Purpose and Presentation
Solutions and Services

    Solutions and Services

    Judge India provides interactive, engaging and highly customizable digital design solutions that streamline productivity and help companies upgrade their workforce through the latest learning trends. Our clientele includes organizations from different regions and industries, we provide quality design solutions to help them meet their learning objectives.

    Our services include providing digital design solutions for various devices, such as mobile learning, augmented reality, game-based learning, etc.

    We also offer 2D and 3D as well as application-based and illustration content. Digital design solutions for quizzes and customized learning content are also provided by Judge India.

      Key Elements of Digital Design


      Focused learning Objective

      Focused objective, providing learners pointed information and leading to specific learning outcomes.

      Specific Information

      Sharing specific information boosts knowledge transfer and retention.

      Ease of access

      Learners can access micro modules from multiple devices and optimize their time while on the go.

      Supports continuous learning

      Micro modules are standalone in nature and can be used plug-and-play with larger course modules

      Non disruptive

      The micro learnings can be adjusted between meetings, during drives and do not disrupt formal work time

      Diversity of content

      Since these are stand-alone modules, learning designers can deploy greater creative freedom to enable engagement. 


      Intuitive Design

      Simple UI and effective audio works best for knowledge transition

      Address real issues

      Addressing real-world issues gets more learner footprints

      Engagement Elements

      Virtual activity and fun elements ensure learner engagement and sustain their interest

      FAQ, Support

      Provide resources to learners when their progress is limited

      Incorporate Assessment

      Incorporate assessment to check if learning objectives have been met

      Optimum program length

      Restrict module to optimal size to sustain interest level of learners

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