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Brihha offers a versatile and flexible Whiteboard, capable of optimal utilization for various situations and purposes. Our Whiteboard LMS Software provides smooth transitions between a digital whiteboard, a physical keyboard, a stylus, and uploading images. It also affords all users supreme versatility and a secure environment to collaborate with employees working remotely. Our Whiteboard eLearning Software offers tools and functionalities to service multiple scenarios and purposes. It is an upgrade from most web conferencing applications as it affords a greater degree of flexibility.

Brihha LMS for Whiteboard also ensures that all users can access techniques and tools to create a highly customizable and interactive learning environment. Users face many problems with digital whiteboards during scenarios such as lectures, meetings, classroom sessions, and others. Teaching several students simultaneously

, conducting private sessions, editing content according to the age group they will be teaching or training, etc. The Brihha Whiteboard LMS Software addresses such issues with relative ease. It is a versatile product that has highly customizable functions to facilitate the endeavors of the user. Brihha offers maximum autonomy in the use and application of its products. Brihha LMS or Whiteboard is useful in lectures, digital classrooms, distance learning, online conferences, webinars, and more. Whiteboard eLearning Software will allow users to create and share unique, eye-catching, and highly interactive presentations. The features in this product will aid user workflow and optimize productivity.

Teachers can communicate better with Brihha LMS for Whiteboard; students can collaborate remotely during the session. Brihha provides a greater degree of flexibility. Instructors can answer questions and clear doubts in real-time or change lessons dynamically to better suit the needs of the students. Brihha Whiteboard eLearning Software combines multiple tools to facilitate knowledge sharing and retention in a single software product, streamlining the learning process for both teacher and student.


Users can save the entire whiteboard as an image without using the Snipping Tool.

Hosts can clear texts, pictures, and the background of the whiteboard as separate elements.

Hosts can allow users to or prohibit them from writing on the whiteboard.

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