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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality were niche technologies utilized by specialists. Today, they are serviceable in everything from medical procedures to gaming. Brihha LMS AR/VR Studio provides enhanced experiences for all users in every field by providing highly customizable features to boost productivity and optimize workflow. The degree of autonomy and versatility in Brihha is ideal for users familiar with AR/VR Education LMS, with its high interactivity. Our AR/VR eLearning Software has benefited from the advancements in hardware and declining technical constraints, it has utilized the latest breakthroughs to deliver solutions applicable on wireless VR headsets and other mobile devices.

Our AR/VR Training LMS Software can greatly benefit educational institutions relying on technology to amplify the learning experience. Users can interact with eLearning material remotely, create and share highly interactive and customizable content by 

incorporating various audio and video elements. The advancements in technology aid Brihha’s tools and functionalities and facilitate the user by streamlining their workflow. Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality boost learner retention and improve the effectiveness of the educational process.

Users will have diverse and abundant opportunities with Brihha LMS AR/VR Studio. Implementing the immersive technology of VR, AR, and Mixed Reality to eLearning and virtual teaching will benefit users in disciplines and fields such as workforce development, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. MDPI researched the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in remote Higher Education. According to their findings, students who participated in AR/VR-enabled remote-learning activities displayed a significant improvement in their academic performance. The various ways in which Brihha applies Augmented and Virtual Reality helps it create efficient eLearning experiences to optimize knowledge retention.


Brihha LMS AR/VR Studio simplifies the training process by providing the tools required to create highly interactive modules. It streamlines learning by providing a safe virtual environment for new users to hone their skills.

Users can explore academic interests from new perspectives with the help of Brihha LMS AR/VR Studio. Concepts too complex to explain on whiteboards and conference calls can be explained with real-world examples and Augmented Reality.

VR/AR tools are effective in providing more contextual experiences. Users of Brihha LMS AR/VR Studio can learn from various perspectives while studying a new subject. High interactivity will also allow them to gain a better understanding of the workflow and processes involved.

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