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Brihha LMS Video Conferencing is the ideal solution for all business needs, educational necessities, and situations that require online collaboration. The tools and features provided in Brihha LMS Video Conferencing grant users a highly immersive and interactive conferencing experience. The product promotes instant sharing and intuitive teamwork while ensuring centralized management and robust security. The diverse array of collaboration tools in our Video Conferencing LMS Software allows virtual attendees to connect multiple devices from anywhere in the world. Brihha LMS Video Conferencing provides high-quality collaboration solutions for every workplace. It improves user productivity and optimizes communications in every meeting space.

Users enjoy a great degree of control and autonomy when using Brihha LMS Video Conferencing. It provides a diverse array of tools to ensure users can customize

features such as video quality, screen-sharing, and more. Users can also choose the video quality of their cameras from Ultra HD, 4K, Full HD, to SD according to their bandwidth. Group Chat functions are also available in this feature. Our Video Conferencing LMS Software is easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable in every situation. It allows users to share ideas, files, screens, and more while providing seamless meetings that boost productivity. Brihha is versatile and intuitive for all users. It can adapt to the user’s situational needs and requirements.

Users who host meetings via Brihha LMS Video Conferencing enjoy multiple features such as a greater degree of control over their audio and video output. The product also provides more tools to tune every variable in features as universal as screen-sharing. Brihha brings you the latest in video conferencing solutions. The product is ideal for almost every situation and provides various services to facilitate seamless productivity and collaboration. With the help of Brihha, users can make the most of meetings by sharing ideas in different formats, prolonging creative bursts, improving teamwork and coordination.


With Brihha LMS for Video Conferencing, users can host video conferences for lectures, classes, or meetings with almost every feature imaginable.

Users have the option of creating different rooms for multiple purposes.

They also have the autonomy to use the same room for future meetings, lectures, or classes.

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