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The Judge Guarantee

Judge India offers the best performance support tools to its clientele for various requirements and situations. We excel at providing highly customizable performance support tools designed to boost productivity. Performance support tools aid professionals in every field to engage in microlearning and improve their proficiency. Performance support tools offered by Judge India are personalized to amplify the objectives, skills, interests, and requirements of the client.

Our services allow companies to upgrade the skills of their workforce with optimum efficiency and maintain a steady pace with shifting market trends. Performance Support Tools include Infographics, Job Aid and Quick Reference Guides, Electronic Tutorials, and Process Flow Diagrams. 

Judge Guarantee
Infographics  Improved Optics and Implementation

Infographics– Improved Optics and Implementation 

Judge India provides performance support tools that help individuals, groups, and organizations in the business, government, and educational sectors design informative and creative infographics. We optimize the implementation of visual and text elements to convey ideas and information to maximize knowledge transfer and retention.

The assimilation of concepts and decision-making is vastly improved by Judge India’s performance support tools that aid in the creation and dissemination of information through such mediums. It helps solve problems stemming from communication, interaction, or comprehension of ideas and messages. Judge India helps its clients broadcast complex information without distortion by providing them the latest performance support tools.

Job Aid and Quick Reference Guides - Optimizing Efficient Execution 

Judge India offers leading solutions in job aid and quick reference guides to help employees and organizations improve their performance. The error margin is greatly reduced when clients utilize Judge India’s performance support tools. We provide highly customizable reference guides to ensure that the steps necessary to complete the task are easy to understand and execute.

With our services, employees can work more efficiently and enjoy a great degree of versatility regarding instructions. Company performance improves as employees make fewer errors and complete tasks more efficiently.

Job aid
Electronic Tutorials eLearning Redefined

Electronic Tutorials – eLearning Redefined 

This section covers tutorials of all manners – digital, online, automated, etc. Judge India offers both recorded and online tutorial services to improve the performance and knowledge of employees and organizations. Customizable recorded and interactive tutorials are provided by Judge India to all clients, personalized to their situation and requirements.
Our services help companies and other organizations incorporate learning programs and other performance support tools and boost the productivity of their workforce.

Process Flow Diagrams – Boosting Productivity and Efficient Communication

Judge India provides process flow diagrams for various situations and projects to document, streamline and improve the processes involved.

We improve the brainstorming process and optimize communication by providing the tools and services required to analyze and implement projects. Judge India helps standardize a workflow that emphasizes optimal efficiency for our clients. 

We help highlight bottlenecks and redundancies to create better processes and best practices. Our services help improve communication and collaboration with visual information that is easy to absorb and implement at all levels of the organization.  

Flowchart Diagram

Types of Performance Support Tools

Quick Refernce Guide

A QRG is reference content that gives the user the information needed quickly. It can be a reference list that is commonly used to complete a task.


Information is represented visually to transmit messages quicker for overall comprehension. They may be charts, graphs, process diagrams, etc.

Process Map

Process maps give users the ability to understand a process at a macro level. They provide an upstream and downstream views.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are useful for access on the go. Mobile apps have become a common efficiency tool for mobile users.


Byte-sized videos or How-to videos help learners to watch and accomplish a task. Product unboxing is a common example.


eBooks give the learner ability to practically navigate through a document themselves to find the information they need. This gives higher control to the user.

Types of Performance Support Tools

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