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Training for Agro-based Industries

The agricultural industry is constantly facing a host of challenges heavily influenced by dynamic factors, including climate, soil type, and local conditions. To overcome these hurdles and achieve success, Agro-based research institutes across the globe engage in ongoing interventions that help to develop effective processes. To facilitate the successful adoption of these processes, there is an urgent need for easy and real-time access to agricultural research and education.

Brihha LMS is a revolutionary platform that introduces the concept of Blended Learning in Agricultural Education. By catalyzing emerging technologies, Brihha LMS helps to address the concern of isolation and alienation of distance learning with Interactive tools such as video conferencing, social collaboration such as chat, blogs, and much more. It builds a powerful and active learning community allowing learners and educators accessibility from anywhere and overcoming the challenge of accessibility in traditional forms of education. Brihha LMS revolutionizes the learning experience through:

  • Complementary and supplementary to traditional brick & mortar or in-classroom teaching-learning providing an uninterrupted user experience
  • Compatible with all kinds of digital mobile devices to ensure continuity without learning friction and lack of integration across the digital eco-system
  • Access all the content through online and offline modes and complete interactive activities also from their mobile devices on the go through
  • Promotes visual learning through the use of multimedia, scenario learning, and simulations allows demonstration of a more practical approach to learning
  • Asynchronous knowledge sharing of different methodologies and troubleshooting techniques through social walls and discussions
  • Immersive, engaging and impactful learning through integrated AR/VR Studio

Learning with Brihha LMS combines access to SCORM-based modules, direct online studio-based coaching, knowledge-sharing forums, etc. giving a more practical interface for problem-solving activities and has the potential to have more effective transmission of knowledge while dealing with the issues of practicality.

Why Brihha LMS in Agro-based Industries

  • Provides a flexible learning experience by creating a user-friendly mobile-based blended training environment, saving cost and time
  • Encourages interaction and communication across user groups giving the ability to assimilate current knowledge to cope with climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss.
  • Provide optimized collaboration platforms for knowledge sharing giving real-time access to advanced and emerging technology (supporting increased agricultural yield per unit of land due to limited availability of cultivable land and water resources)
  • User-friendly mobile-based blended learning environment
  • Enhanced interaction and communication with peers and teachers
  • Helps assimilate current and trending knowledge
  • Optimizes collaboration for knowledge sharing
  • Real-time access to advanced and emerging technology
  • Stay informed on improved agricultural practices and issues by participating in discussions
  • Online as well as offline learning options
Brihha LMS for education sector

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