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Our LMS Software Suite contains all the features required to operate efficiently on a centralized, online eLearning platform. Brihha combines the latest in technological advancements from various fields and has integrated them to create the ideal eLearning solution. Users of our top LMS Suite can upload, create, share and interact with highly customizable learning courses. Video Conferencing, Whiteboard, Instant Messaging, Assessments, VR/AR Studio, and other features are also available to Brihha users.


Brihha LMS can support 50,000 concurrent and 1,000,000 active users every month. The Learning Management System Suite stores all content calls, and messages on the client’s server after passing them through Brihha’s datacenter.

Brihha LMS provides quality engagements among users. It allows all users to create a culture of unity by sharing experiences and collaborating on courses and other projects.

Brihha LMS also ensures global access to content on the platform from all corners and any device in the world. It provides a standardized learning experience to ensure unified learning standards.

Users of Brihha LMS enjoy complete access to learning material they can edit, update, transfer, and manage. Brihha LMS offers access to digital content and updates its knowledge to the users’ needs.

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